Patent Infringers

I recently received an email for the admin department of Boliven ( that they are going to close there website during this week.

To me, it was a fantastic website. I often used it for my patent analysis as there were few a very interesting tools in it . The coverage of the database was also quite comprehensive and personally i really like the auto generation of flash graphs. Moreover, it was a good website for networking as well. One can locate any member according to technology or college or school. Well, if a website who has attracted 100,000 unique monthly visitors and over 6,000 registered members was doing pretty good. But founder and President of Bolevin, Thomas D Lehrman, has revoked the website as he said that they have fallen short of operational and financial goals.

Its sad. Hope to find similar substitute soon !

If you have something to share, please let me know.


In light of patent violation by Microsoft, today US court has ordered the software giant to stop selling of MS word 2007. Earlier in June – 2009, i4i Inc, a Canadian software company, sued Microsoft for infringing on its patents. Patents were broadly related to encryption technology on which MS word was found to be infringing.

Now, suit has swung in favor of i4i, court has ordered defendant to pay $290 m before start selling its product.

But the happy news is, the much awaiting MS word 2010 does not contain the concept of i4i Inc and hence can be sell without fear of sue from i4i, Inc.

I believe, this lawsuit will act as catalyst and will force Microsoft to launch MS word 2010 before the schedule.

It has been just a month or two since Window 7 was launched. So adj1 (much hyped OR much awaited) , this latest windows was out on October 22 this year.

“Too slow” was my personnel issue with windows vista so hence, I was also looking for the launch day too. I must say many thanks to Abhinav Goyal who helped me in installation ( in fact he did it ). And now I am very happy.

Anyhow, let me not derail from the topic. 🙂

I think, Microsoft people must be enjoying since then, until Implicit Networks spoiled their party. They have recently filed a fresh lawsuit against the software giant, Microsoft.

According to the plaintiff, Windows 7 is infringing upon USP 6629163 and now they want the defendant to pay the damages.

I looked upon the independent claims of this patent and found it very generic. The validity of this patent can be challenged as the claims are very broad and I feel it is a prerequisite process for receiving any information in the receiver.

I believe this method is quiet likely to be known before December 29, 1999.

Lets see what Microsoft has to say about it. 🙂

Recently, I found this patent very interesting and thought to share it with you. I hope you will enjoy the read.

Here is the abstract of the reference:

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a means for detecting alcohol in expiration of a driver with the driver almost unaware of the detecting operation when the driver is about to start a vehicle, enabling the driver to start the vehicle when alcohol is not detected, making the driver select stop of driving or measurement of the alcohol amount when alcohol is detected, and for preventing the driver from starting the vehicle when the alcohol amount exceeding a reference value is measured.

SOLUTION: To sense alcohol included in expiration in a space from a driver seat to a support column before the driver seat, a sensor of carbon dioxide which is a main component of expiration and a sensor for detecting alcohol in the expiration are installed. When the driver gets in the vehicle, alcohol in the expiration of the driver is automatically sensed. When alcohol is detected, by making the driver exhale to the measuring device, the alcohol amount is measured. When the alcohol amount exceeds the reference value, start of the engine is prohibited.

“Drinking and Driving are antonyms” is the message which i found from this patent.

I am looking forward for the day when all manufactures will incorporate this system in every vehicle. 🙂 I feel this patent reference holds a big value.

Keep a bird eye on this reference guys. I feel, it will float in many countries. 🙂

I am unaware of any similar references. If you know, please feel free to share.


Who says you cannot send the signal more than the speed of light !!

Mr. David Strom has already done it in 1998 and successfully got a patent from USPTO too.

Still can’t believe it ? Then read the following claim of of the invention:

I claim:
1. A method to transmit and receive electromagnetic waves comprising:
generating opposing magnetic fields each having a plane of maximum force running perpendicular to a longitudinal axis of the respective magnetic field;
generating heat from a heat source along an axis parallel to the longitudinal axis of the magnetic field;
generating an accelerator parallel to and in close proximity to the heat source, thereby creating an electromagnetic injection point; and
generating a communication signal into the electromagnetic injection point, thereby sending and receiving the communication signal at a speed faster than a known speed of light.

It is difficult to believe on this invention.. isn’t  !!

>>Read the complete patent


Let me know your views on it !!

Recently, I was browsing some of the old articles on ‘prior art’.  I found few blogs, forums and articles on it and I must say, they all were very impressive and were interesting to read. I was skimming through swiftly till my mind forced my eyes to glue to this article.  In a flash, I realized that my mind wants to strip of this article and wants it to stand naked in front of my innocent eyes.  As expected, my eyes obeyed the order, took less then a minute to aroused my corrupted mind and hence completely failed to prevent my fingers to push it under http.

Initially, I went thoughtless when I read the title of the article ” Donald Duck as prior art “. The title was in itself very absorbing and was asking for  a glance. After few glimpses, I realized something echoed in my mind. I tried to decode those faded signals and then later successfully recovered as  “Comic Book ??”

WoW !! was the following word I played on my vocal chords.  Movies, any books can be used as a prior art !”earlier , this was just a fairy tale for me and I never realized how relevant the comic books can be for my search results.

Anyhow, I went through the complete article and found that in 1949 the application NL 6514306 which was filed by Karl Krøyer was rejected just because examiner found the same invention in one of the comic books.  I think the examiner must be fond of reading all these scriptures. Well who knows !!

Anyhow, the gist of the article can be completely understood from the following two images:

Disclosure from the comic book:

Donald Duck Invention

Patent Application:

Patent Image

A better implementation of the invention:


>> Read the complete article

Well, this article has surely realized me the ‘den’ of prior art.  Searching anything under http is not enough. Prior art can be anything, anywhere located and to identify it, you have to swing your thinking. I feel, someday, someone will come up with a patent search engine which will enable us to search in comic books too. !!

I must confess to my perception, I am eagerly looking forward to that day. !!

CPA global aka Intellevate, one of the best global patent service provider, is on SALE.  The reason for selling is more astonishing !!  Market fluctuations, Recession, Slowdown is  none of the reason for their decision. Infact, last year they have generated a revenue of £150m.

When i read for a reason,  i ended up with a smile.  I found that around 300 shareholders are near to their retirement and now they wanted to sell out.

Quite interesting !!

Lloyds Banking Group has shown interest in buying out the venture and they have offered a mammoth £450m.

Lets see where the negotiations end up.

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